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This page has a limited number of publicly available videos that support the book Evidence-Based Policing: The Basics. College and police academy instructors have access to more videos through the instructor login above. 

There are also two companion videos to support your understanding of specific projects mentioned in the book, the Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment, and Oscar One, the Kensington Transit Corridor Overdose Response study. Scroll down for those videos below. 

Chapter: 01
Introduction to evidence-based policing
Video: 01a

Intuition, craft, and a definition of evidence-based policing. Shows real bodyworn camera video from the opening story in the book. 

Chapter: 02
What are the origins of evidence-based policy?
Video: 02a

Lessons from aviation (Wright bros, Boeing 299) and medicine (Lind, Semmelweis).

Chapter: 07
How do you evaluate policy research?
Video: 07b

The evidence hierarchy for policy decision-making

Chapter: 11
How do randomized experiments work?
Video: 11a

Randomization and randomized controlled trials.

Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment

6 minute video with details and results from the award winning Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment. This was a randomized controlled experiment where officers reduced violent crime by 23 percent. 

Oscar One

42 minute summary of the Kensington Transit Corridor Overdose Response study. Features ride-along footage, interviews, and quotes from SEPTA transit officers involved in the study. 

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