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Specific topic videos

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Instructors can find video embed codes for Canvas/Blackboard here

The Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment

6 minute video with details and results from the award winning Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment. This was a randomized controlled experiment where officers reduced violent crime by 23 percent. 

Oscar One

42 minute summary of the Kensington Transit Corridor Overdose Response study. Features ride-along footage, interviews, and quotes from SEPTA transit officers involved in the study. 

ASEBP presentation on data

My presentation on 15th May 2023, at the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing, focused on figure 3-1 from EBP: The Basics. It was supposed to be Zoom recorded but the tech was a nightmare, and we lost nearly 30 minutes trying to make it work. So we unplugged the tech, plugged in a computer and Jacob Cramer (who followed me) and I rushed through our presentations for the audience of about 90 folk. My thanks to Dr. Steve James who recorded it with his handheld.

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